You need more than a software: You need a BI solution.

Applicata assembled a team of BI & Marketing experts, best of breed software developers and works with the best data scientists to custom build the ideal marketing solution for your company. The right combination of strategy, technical know-how, comprehensive software and hands-on implementation does the trick.

BI Strategy

  • Derive BI Infrastructure Strategy for your business
  • Define and Standardize KPIs
  • Propose Marketing Dimensions and Data Attributes
  • Identify Customer Segments
  • Customer Cohort Analysis
  • Develop Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Software & Implementation

  • Cloud Software / Software as a Service
  • Develop Custom Data Source Connections
  • Implement Data Quality Assurance Measures
  • Establish Customer Journey Attribution Models
  • Set up Marketing Automation Use Cases
  • Codify Predictive Algorithms & Enable Big Data Analysis

= Perfect BI Solution for various industries:







Connect your data

Integrate all the data sources into the Applicata software – with just a few clicks. Benefit from having all information in one “Single Source of Truth”.

Your comprehensive marketing software

End to end lifecycle management, reports and dashboards for C-level, marketing professionals and data analysts.

Web Analysis

Review all the web behavior of your customers in one place

Campaign Management

Orchestrate all your marketing campaigns across all channels

Full Cost Control

Always know your media cost and compare Budget vs. Actual

Connect Your Data

Quickly and easily integrate all relevant data from all sources

Data Structure

Full user rights management and role-based access control

Safe & Scalable

Your data is fully protected and the software scales with your growth

Flexible Report Builder

Easily build reports by combining all measures and dimensions


Gain insights fast by combining reports on dashboards.

API & Automation

Export your data to 3rd party systems to automate work-flows

What does this mean for you?


All your data in one place. Benefit form a single source of truth


Improve your marketing campaign ROI through an enhanced focus on all relevant KPI.


Gain a deep understanding of your marketing activities and customers. Take decisive action based on powerful insights.

Higher ROI & Customer Retention