Applicata is your Full-Service BI Partner with a comprehensive Marketing Software . Together we build the software solution that gets the most out of every Marketing Euro for your eBusiness.

The Applicata Solution

Applicata is a powerful, scalable software built by Online Marketing and Business Intelligence (BI) experts. Together with our clients we build the perfect software solution that integrates all data sources and streamlines all marketing processes.


Benefit from managing the entire Customer Lifecycle

Get all relevant metrics about the stages of your customers in one central software.

Customer Acquisition
Lower customer acquisition costs (CAC)
Find the perfect channel mix
Attribute customers correctly to marketing
Acquire customers with positive margins
Increase average contribution margins
Customer Monetization
Increase your basket size
Optimize your conversion funnel
Identify the most profitable product mix
Maximize product margins
Lower inventory holding cost
Customer Retention
Segment your customers
Increase customer loyalty
Follow best practices in churn prevention
Boost customer lifetime values (CLV)
Target the most profitable customers

What do we do for our clients?

We adapt the comprehensive Applicata Marketing Software to the specific needs of every client.
The software processes daily more than 1 trillion data points to help our clients profitably manage more than €5 million in monthly marketing budgets across 70.000+ multi-channel campaigns.

"With the help of Applicata we streamlined our marketing cost aggregation process. Now we benefit from 100% cost control across all marketing channels and the entire Customer Journey."

Head of Analytics

"Applicata is the perfect partner for us to think through the changing marketing landscape. With their team we customize the software to fit our marketing processes and customer insights needs."


“As a subscription business it is imperative to gain deep insights into our customer segments. With the help of Applicata we monitor the development of our customer cohorts over time.”

Managing Director

"Applicata collects all relevant data from various sources to calculate actual and predicted Customer Lifetime Values. We export these values to Google Adwords for over 3 million keywords."

Managing Director

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