Why does Applicata exist?

The “Big Guys” have an unfair advantage, so we made it our mission to Democratise Online Marketing



We support Small & Mid-Sized Companies


with Technology and Know-How


so that they can thrive and compete.

We answer the question:

When I invest €1 into a specific marketing campaign – how much profit will I make from it?

We are experienced Online Marketing and BI Experts

Our team builds on 20+ years of experience in the Online Marketing, Ecommerce and Business Intelligence field.

Sebastian Rieschel

Sebastian Rieschel, Managing Director

  • A real data native, having built software solutions throughout his entire career
  • Graduated from HHL – Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • Started his career working for Jamba, where he accompanied the market entry to the US
  • Co-founded Smava – the first peer-to-peer credit platform in Germany
  • Worked on numerous BI and Online Marketing projects for renowned companies like Groupon and Project A
  • Realizing that all online companies need a robust big data analytics software solutions combined with superior consulting and support he founded Applicata in 2013

The Team: Data Nerds and Marketing Experts

Coffee Cup
A vibrant mix of highly qualified Developers, Marketing Professionals, Product Managers and Data Nerds to provide the best value to our customers.
We put countless hours into developing our software and creating real-life use cases with actionable insights.
The team lives and breathes data analysis, having worked for great companies like Jamba, Groupon, Project A Ventures, Spreadshirt and more.